Science & Memory

THE ASK: Develop stories about climate change and the people it affects the most. 

THE STRATEGY: Take advantage of moments of relaxation to deliver complex and often stressful information about the environment. 

THE WORK: Crafted an adult coloring book to tell the story of Cordova, Alaska and explain environmental changes in a scientific but relaxing way. 

Full print coloring book available in select gift shops, but you can find sample pages below. 

THE ASK: Explain the work of Science & Memory to high-ranking University officials. 

THE STRATEGY: Go beyond describing the mission statement and create an interactive work of art that truly captures the spirit of Science & Memory. 

THE WORK: Worked with an artist to create an accordion book that can be read from left to right or folded together to create new phrases and meaning. 

UO Science & Memory Project

Strategist: Hannah Lewman

Writer: Hannah Lewman

Coloring Cordova Project Manager: Emily Haugbro

Coloring Cordova Illustrator: Talia Berniker

Accordion Book Artist: Miró Merrill

Accordion Book Video Producer: Matt Palma