Climate Action Challenge

THE ASK: The Climate Action Challenge, put on by What Design Can Do, asked 384 participants from 70 countries to design something that helps people adapt to the impacts of climate change. 

THE STRATEGY: Shift the culture around preparedness by teaching kids climate adaptation techniques in a fun, community-oriented setting: a scout troop called The Change Rangers. 

THE WORK: Read a lot of vintage scouting handbooks, interviewed with a panel of international judges, screamed with excitement after being picked as one of thirteen winners. Currently: attending a five-month, Amsterdam-based acceleration program to turn this idea into a reality. Learning a lot. 

Climate Action Challenge Entry Video


The Change Rangers Patches



Out of 384 entries from 70 countries, my partner and I were selected as one of 13 winning teams by an international jury of designers, social enterprise experts, and climate scientists. As one of the winning teams, my partner and I are now participating in a five-month acceleration program to bring this idea to life. 

Partner: Rachel Benner