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Be My Eyes

THE ASK: Get 180,000 new blind and visually impaired users for Be My Eyes, an app that uses video streaming and volunteers to help those who can't see. 

THE STRATEGY: Reach America's 5.5 million blind and visually impaired seniors through the people who usually download their apps for them: their grown children. 

THE WORK: A social campaign targeted at the grown children of blind and visually impaired seniors. The campaign explicitly celebrates how Be My Eyes gives these seniors more independence and implicitly shows how it makes life easier for their caregivers. This six-month campaign gets a boost during holidays, when families are together and grown children have a chance to download Be My Eyes on their parents' phones.

Griffin Farley's Beautiful Minds Entry

Team: Hannah Lewman, Bella Mortenson, Yasir Afzal, Paul Atienza and Meagan Nelson